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In order to maintain or improve the aural environment, it is important to assess the noise levels from, or affecting, new developments so that any consequential adverse impacts can be reduced.


The impact of noise from new developments or transportation links can affect existing properties, as well as properties within the proposed development. Noise from existing transport corridors or industrial premises needs to be considered when noise sensitive developments are proposed.


Noise impacts for new developments can be mitigated by many methods such as revising the site layout, locating sensitive buildings in the noise shadow of others, using acoustic ventilation or mechanical ventilation.  Curload Consultants can help plan a mitigation strategy which is appropriate for your development.


Transportation is the main noise source affecting the UK.  Curload Consultants staff have undertaken numerous acoustic and vibration studies for transport projects and housing developments close to busy transport links, including acting as expert witnesses for these schemes.


Curload Consultants also has extensive experience in dealing with industrial noise, both at the source and for noise-sensitive properties in the vicinity, as well as particular experience of controlling noise breakout from premises so that areas of brownfield sites can be used for housing.


Services provided include:

  • Measurement and prediction of noise and vibration levels with user-friendly output;

  • Noise assessment for industrial, mineral and construction processes;

  • Road and rail traffic noise assessment;

  • Design and specification of noise and vibration attenuation measures;

  • Negotiations with local authorities and other statutory bodies on noise and vibration impact and planning conditions;

  • Acting as expert witness at public inquiries;

  • Assessing noise from waste facilities;

  • Preparation of technical reports and specialist input for environmental statements and planning submissions.