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The aural environment in buildings is very important. Increasing the intelligibility of speech by reducing intrusive noise levels and the build-up of sound in spaces is key to ensuring that effective communication is not compromised.


The level of acoustic separation between adjacent spaces can also be critical in order to minimise disturbance caused by noise breakthrough and to allow privacy for conversations. This is particularly important where adjacent spaces may have differing uses; for example in schools or office buildings; or in new residential properties.


Services provided include:

  • Working with the building services team to establish appropriate background noise levels inside buildings to assist in the design of the ventilation system;
  • Working with the architect and structural engineers to ensure a sufficient level of sound insulation, both through the facades and between spaces in the development;
  • Recommending suitable finishes for the rooms in order to reduce the build-up of internal noise;
  • On-site commissioning to ensure that acoustic criteria are achieved.